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The best way to help the foundations outreach and contributions to families victimized by drunk driving and texting while driving is to become a supporter. There are multiple levels of support shown in the following descriptions. The foundation hosts events at various venues across the world including schools and community functions. These events are focused on educating children/adults how to prevent drinking and driving and texting-driving accidents/injuries. These events include performances by music entertainers, interviews with models, testimonials from the founder of the foundation and others affected by drinking and driving. The goal of these events is to encourage children to pursue paths of success by presenting them with true to life examples in the form of successful role models. One of the core donation levels to get parents and children involved is the first level donation which helps support programs and events held at schools. One of the core focuses of foundation is the tutoring program which focuses on helping students achieve A’s and B’ in school. Parents or teachers/schools must sign up on behalf of the child.

Donation Levels


Foundation de MaÑana, Inc educates college, high school, junior high school and elementary school students in the awareness of the abuse of alcohol and drugs things a program set up in schools called the “CAPTAIN DUI HONOR SQUAD”. THE DUI SQUAD is a collective group of Honor Roll Students whose mission is to represent the goal of the squad.. “STRIVE for Excellence” and “FOCUS on Education”.

CAPTAIN DUI HONOR SQUAD – $5 a month dues Includes uniform, tutoring, materials and supplies
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Personal or Business Donation

Bronze –  Donate $1 to $5,000.  This level gets mentioned one time @ our events plus tax write off $1 to $5,000

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Silver – Donate $5,001 to $10,000 This level gets mentioned one time @ our events plus tax write off $5,001 to $15,000

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Gold – Donate more than $15,000 This level receives a tax write off of total donation, advertising, plus mention at every event for that fiscal year.

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A donation of any amount is highly appreciated and contributes to the success of every program and event provided by Foundation de Manana Inc.

All monies are tax deductible.